iVisit.... Sealife Brighton for Secrets of the Reef.

Come and meet the newest residents to SEA LIFE Brighton in the brand new Secrets of the Reef display!

SEA LIFE has been working with a local community project in the Maldives to rebuild coral reefs damaged by climate change and a major Tsunami. Without the reef, the area once surrounded with fish has become barren and lifeless.

The project has introduced specially produced coral frames for a number of years to grow a new coral habitat and provide a safe haven for fish to return to the reef and breed. Alongside this, the new coral reef protects the islands from erosion. The project also allows local fisherman to collect a small number of fish without impacting the new reef. This encourages the local community to protect their reef as a sustainable source of income.

Can't wait to dive in and discover the tropical paradise of a Maldives Reef? Meet its most famous residents like the regal tang and clownfish and get closer than ever before in the crawl through tunnel! Understand what threatens their future, and see how SEA LIFE is helping.