iVisit.... Boat Safari's @ WWT Arundel


Every day of every season quiet boats take you through four types of wetland habitats where WWT guides help you spot an ever changing array of wildlife.

Non-motorized wheelchairs are admitted on the boat safari.

The first boat leaves at 11.30 am and the last boat departs at 4.30 pm (Spring/Summer) or 3.30 pm (Autumn/Winter).

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) is a conservation charity that saves wetlands, which are essential for life itself. Wetlands are the primary source of drinking water for people and wildlife. They also connect us with nature, and with ourselves, through beautiful landscapes and inspiring encounters with wildlife.

WWT’s ethos starts with the simple act of feeding a duck. That innocent connection with nature is more special if you’re feeding – say - the world’s rarest goose, saved from extinction by expert aviculturists. It’s even more special if you’re surrounded by some of the UK’s top wildlife at one of the world class reserves, carefully designed and managed so wildlife will flourish.

WWT take this wetland expertise around the world. They rescue endangered species from the edge of extinction. They investigate what’s damaging the wetlands on which people and wildlife depend. They protect, repair and actually create exciting new wetlands for people and wildlife.

They work with communities, businesses and governments to help people live sustainably alongside wetlands, benefitting from the water, food, materials, shelter, livelihoods and enjoyment a well-managed wetland can provide.

WWT is one of the world’s leading science and conservation institutions in its field. But we’re unique because we never forget it all starts with the simple pleasures, like feeding a duck. And maybe a nice cup of tea.